• Catholic thoughts on the care of creation and the culture of life.

    News: Pope Francis, Life and Creation
  • Eating with joy means accepting food as God’s gift.

    Food Freedom, not Food Rules
  • Animal welfare is part of Evangelical heritage

    A Call to Compassion from Our Brothers the Animals
  • 3 Ideas for Nature Hikes with Kids

    Three Fun Ideas for a Nature Hike with Kids (or Grownups)

Flourish Spring 2012

Everything is Interesting for Children Exploring Creation

Everything is Interesting: Raising Educated People

By Jerram Barrs Flourish, Spring 2012 We live in a culture filled with boredom and cynicism—even among our children. It is a tragic commentary on our culture that you can meet 16- and 17-year-old kids who are apathetic about their own existence and bored much of the time. And it is not only teenagers for […]

Inside Flourish Magazine, Spring 2012

Thank You Kendra The issue of Flourish magazine you’re viewing is the fruit of many hands, evidence of the faithful work of a community. Leading that band of writers, poets, artists, thinkers, and volunteers for the last three years has been the work of our managing editor, Kendra Langdon Juskus, to whom we now bid […]

Earth Day’s Forgotten Founder

The Christian roots of the original Earth Day: It wasn’t April 22, and it wasn’t a protest movement. by John A. Murdock Flourish, Spring 2012 Ninety-six-year-old John McConnell still proclaims the same message of “peace, justice, and the care of Earth” that he has for decades, in settings as varied as the United Nations in […]

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Projects for the Common Good

58 the film

58: The Film premieres in theaters nationwide (get free tickets)

One of the great misunderstandings about the care of creation, perpetuated by many environmentalists, is that the main beneficiary of environmental action is…the environment. Don’t get me wrong–a Christian worldview clearly recognizes the intrinsic value of the created order, which God called “good.” In fact, as C.S. Lewis argued in The Abolition of Man, it […]

Spider web at Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto

Right at Home: Building Church Partnerships with Local Nature Preserves

Every step of stewardship helps strengthen and nurture the earth’s biodiversity by protecting and cultivating the abundance of created life, but a particularly helpful step that your church family can take locally is to develop a partnership with a local nature preserve.

Bringing Creation Indoors: A Sunday School Seed Planting Activity

Give kids a hands-on creation care lesson with this sunday school seed planting activity!

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Summer skills resolution

It is almost here. The endless, hazy days of summer. Time for…what? Reading, fishing, sleeping in, staying up late. Watching TV? Playing video games? Our main goal is to be outside as much as possible. But one proposed rule for our boys (10 and 13) who are starting to use the computer more: you can only […]

Connecting Kids to Creation: Everything is Interesting

by Rusty Pritchard The wiring is already there. The mental infrastructure is in place. It’s up to us to provide the raw materials.  I’m not a romantic. Don’t accuse me of putting the “noble savage” on a pedestal. I’m part scientist, part economist. It doesn’t get much more rationalistic than that. But I already know […]

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