Today’s Dose of Beauty

This article in the New York Times caught my eye--and my ear, and my nose, and my taste buds--for its lush descriptions of a garden's delectable abundance. Of course, we can debate the merit of the fruits and flowers found in this garden, as many of … [Read more...]

Drink Coffee. Do Good.

Creation care can't be separated from people care--they are intimately intertwined. This year at Flourish Conference we were able to profile an organization that does both well: Land of a Thousand Hills (LOATH) coffee company. LOATH primarily works … [Read more...]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Conference

By Rusty Pritchard I suppose I knew it would happen. I had a pretty good talk prepared to open the Flourish conference. Then I saw who was there, and I rewrote it on the spot. Well, re-scribbled it, anyway. I think I kept most of the jokes. But I … [Read more...]

Greening Your ‘Hood Through Intentional Community

One of the most sincere pastors I have ever met is Leroy Barber. According to his bio, Leroy has spent more than 20 years working to eradicate poverty, confront homelessness, and heal racism. As with most bios, this one doesn't fully portray Leroy's … [Read more...]

New Urbanism

"New Urbanism" Video One of the most striking presentations at Flourish Conference this year a video on new urbanism called "Built to Last." It was produced by Chris Elisara of Creation Care Study Program and John Paget of Paget Films and was … [Read more...]

Floresta: Purposeful Planting

Floresta is the coolest organization you've never heard of and their program Plant with Purpose may be the coolest creation care initiative around today. Through Plant with Purpose, Floresta works to reverse poverty and deforestation by planting … [Read more...]

Flourish: The Connector for the Creation Care Movement?

This week, Cross Pointe Church hosted the first annual Flourish Conference. As a small part of the Flourish staff, I can tell you that the conference exceeded our expectations in many ways. First, our speaker list was amazing: Joel Hunter, Margaret … [Read more...]

Getting Technology Right

"What WALL-E Got Right." That was the title of a talk Andy Crouch gave at the 2009 Flourish Conference, and if you've seen the charming, intelligent Pixar film about a robot who is much more than metal and electrical pathways, you undoubtedly … [Read more...]

Emerging from Flourish 2009

After a short sabbath from the good (but exhausting) activity of last week's Flourish Conference, we're ready to re-surface and take a look at what emerged from these three days of worship, conversation, and inspiration: … [Read more...]

The Virtue of Paying Attention: Dragonflies

By Cindy Crosby Published in the Summer 2009 issue of Flourish magazine   So much of our life passes in a comfortable blur. Living on the senses requires an easily triggered sense of marvel, a little extra energy, and most people are lazy … [Read more...]

The Work of Idleness

By Ragan Sutterfield Published in the Summer 2009 issue of Flourish magazine Once I was in a group that was asked to say the most important thing we do for the environment. I ran down the list of my activities—I run an organic vegetable farm, … [Read more...]

Inside Flourish

[from the Summer issue of Flourish magazine] by RUSTY PRITCHARD Editor-in-Chief Last week, I experienced the jarring juxtaposition of those fighting a culture war and those commited to changing culture by creating culture. I participated in … [Read more...]


[from the Summer issue of Flourish magazine] Savings Sampler A little here, a little there—making even small financially and ecologically sustainable choices adds up to significant savings in the current economic climate. But making those … [Read more...]

Flourish 2009, almost here!

The Flourish 2009 Church Leaders Conference on Creation Care, the FIRST conference of its kind, will kick off tomorrow, Wednesday May 13, at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia, at 1:30pm. … [Read more...]