Flourish Interview: Margaret Feinberg, Part One

margaret-feinberg-scouting-divine-1 Margaret Feinberg is the author more than two dozen books and Bible studies, a regular speaker at national conferences like Catalyst and CreationFest, and one of Charisma Magazine’s “30 Emerging voices” who will help lead the church in the next decade. When she spoke at the Flourish 2009 Conference on Creation Care, she inspired her audience to explore the natural and pastoral imagery of Scripture for a more robust understanding of how a study of creation can deepen our faith. That exploration is the theme of her most recent book, Scouting the Divine: My search for God in wine, wool, and wild honey, which was released by Zondervan on October 1.

This past summer, Flourish managing editor Kendra Langdon Juskus spoke with Margaret about Scouting the Divine and a lifetime of discovering God’s character and will in what he has created. Click the link below to hear Part One of this two-part interview with Margaret.

Flourish Interview: Margaret Feinberg pt.1


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