Church Life Blossoms Through Creation Care

Merry Christmas from Flourish! We’re taking time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the “firstborn over all creation,” so in lieu of our regular “Cultivating Community” post, we invite you to enjoy these examples of churches engaging God’s stewardship mandate in community-cultivating, life-giving ways:

Read the story Cedar Ridge Community Church in Maryland as it broke ground for a garden that will bring life to barren land and food to those in need.

Make the same discovery that Genesis Church in Colorado did: That doing “green” activities in the community opens the door to new believers and brings people into faithful communion with Christ.

Is your church growing in joy, knowledge, or faithfulness by integrating the discovery, enjoyment, of stewardship of creation into its daily life and ministry? We want to know about it! Leave a comment about your church below, or email us at


  1. My church is (slowly) changing 7 acres or so of turf grass into a native landscape. While this project moves in fits and starts it was encouraging to witness goldfinches perching on flowers, mud daubers, bumblebees, and butterflies all visiting our small natural oasis in a desert of turf grass. We hope to increase the area even more this year.


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