The Wilderness is Not a Commodity

The extent to which we care for creation flows from our posture toward the earth and how we answer the question, “What is this creation for?” As we work to find an answer to that question, we have to be careful not to detach creation from the Creator and treat it simply as a pile of waiting resources. As Dean Ohlman writes,

“Certainly the wilderness has provided us with wonderful natural resources. But we seem so slow to learn that it is so much more than a place of economic opportunity. When we look at an Appalachian mountain as mostly a mound of coal or a hill of timber for us to use for our own purposes, we may be failing to see it comprehensively. A second look can help us to see the same mountain as a watershed, a climate regulator, a source of clean air, a shield against flooding, a habitat for wild creatures, a thing of beauty, a place of peace and solitude, and a location for recreation—besides being the home place for hundreds of families. Surely we are not seeing it as God sees it—in all its glory with all its purposes.” Read the rest of “Barons or Bears?

Christianity has an answer to the question “What is creation for?”

Rather than putting man at the top as the sovereign over creation, it puts man right in the soil as a steward of it. The beauty and complexity of creation demands that we “see it as God sees it”—as something that is good in its own right, not simply because of what it can be used for.

If we see it that way, we will stand back and say exactly what he did: “It is very good.”


  1. Nicole Smith says:

    This strikes at the core of how I have been feeling about our view of creation. We have taken our stewardship title and changed it to an ownership title. How arrogant and disrespectful for us to disregard God’s purpose for creation in place of our own. I hope and pray we begin and then continue to view this earth as God sees it. He didn’t just make it resourceful but beautiful as well so we too can look upon it as you said and say “it is very good”.


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