A Grassroots Church Bike Campaign

A Flourish friend was inspired by a piece she read in Flourish about how to make your church more bike-friendly she decided to take our words to heart and start making some changes at her church. She writes:

After speaking with my dear friend who is our county planner, I learned that designated parking for the [walking] trail is currently not available due to some legal work and, well, since our church is not far from the beginning of the trail, I thought…. Why not invite the public to park their cars at our church and ride the trail? … There is also another “bike rack” project in the works!  One of my cycling friends said he’d like to help me with that one, so I’ll keep you posted. Friends, I’m not an “Environmental Queen” by any means, but I’m learning to do my part.  You do your part too, okay? Read the rest of the story on her blog.

Sometimes all it takes to make a change is one person deciding to get something done. Her initiative presents a challenge to the rest of us. Will you take her up on it?

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