Twelve Things Your Church Can Do To Care for Creation

What can your church do to help care for creation? (cc image courtesy greengardenvienna via Flickr)

[Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly church activities, Cultivating Community, published on Thursdays.]

We’ve written a lot here at Flourish about how to help churches start thinking about creation care and putting that thinking into practice. This week we wanted to consolidate some of the best of those posts in one place.

Read through our list then talk and pray with your congregation about what steps your church can take toward stewarding God’s creation. Make a goal and set a timetable. Choose a few articles to regularly put into the church bulletin or on the church’s website. Create a creation care task force dedicated specifically to environmental projects around the church and community. Get creative! 

Making a Church Prayer Garden: Think outside the box (and outside the walls) about how to provide a place for your congregation to worship by planting a church prayer garden.

Water Conservation Indoors and Outdoors: When it comes to conserving resources small changes can add up to have a large impact. Get your congregation thinking about how they can save water at church both indoors and outdoors with these guides.

Carpool to Church: Something as simple as a carpool can be a great way to save gas and money (not too mention space in the parking lot) as well as bring people together.

Changing Lightbulbs: Perhaps the most simple and direct way to save energy is to change the lightbulbs and begin to be more aware of light usage at church.

Church Recycling Program: Most churches go through massive amounts of cardboard and plastic cups, cutlery, coffee-jackets, etc. Instead of trashing all that, recycle it.

Do Sunday School Outside: When the weather is nice take the kids outdoors for Sunday school. Its a great time to get kids interacting with nature and a to illustrate lessons about God’s creation.

Become a Bike-Friendly Church: Biking to church is even better than a carpool in terms of saving gas, money and space and it engages the body and gets your congregation outside.

Build Birdhouses: If you build it, they will come. Birdhouses add beauty to the land around your church as well as providing chances for your congregation to get to know birds by sight and sound.

Do a Walkability Audit: How walkable is your church? There are a few things you can easily do to increase walkability and encourage people to walk to church.

Plant Trees: Trees add to the aesthetic beauty of your church land, provide habitats for birds, squirrels and other critters, as well as cutting down on heating and cooling costs by providing shade.

Have an Environmental Movie Night: Watch some of the great films that have been produced about environmental issues and then host a discussion afterwards.

Host a E-Waste Collection Event: There are more ecologically responsible things to do with old electronics than throwing them away. Learn what those are and how to host a e-waste recycling events at church.


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