Weekly Re-Cap May 23-27

Sprouts: Creation Care Community News
Meet a Christian working at the EPA, discover some books to add to your creation care reading list, and find out what whole foods can do for ADHD.

The Hope of Creation Care
It could be said that the final hope of creation care is to restore some measure of shalom to the earth. Which begs the question: What is shalom? Author and Professor Cornelius Plantinga, in his book Not The Way Its Supposed To Be: A Breviary of Sin offers an answer.

The Gospel Trees
Dean Ohlman tells the story of the Gospel as a story of four trees: the Tree of Life, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Cross, and the second Tree of Life in Revelation.

Sabbath Tips: Rest, Community, and Nature
In our busy lives, Sabbath can often be the first thing to go. Here are some practical tips to help you not let that still, small voice that says, “Remember the Sabbath” be drowned out.

Quotable Creation Care: Warren Wiersbe on Being Overwhelmed by Creation
Warren Wiersbe says that beauty is the in eye of beholder in that it is the reverent who see God in creation.



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