Find Out How You Can Skype With Gabe Lyons, Author of The Next Christians

Gabe Lyons, co-author of Unchristian and author of The Next Christians, is offering a unique opportunity to have a thirty-minute conversation over Skype with readers who would like to pursue a deeper conversation about the topics in his books. This special offer is available to organizations and individuals who pre-purchase a minimum of 24 copies of The Next Christians between now and June 30.

Lyons has been a friend of Flourish since its inception and spoke at the first Flourish conference in 2009. Flourish President and Co-Founder Rusty Pritchard has also been an advisor for Q, the organization started by Lyons to explore how the gospel impacts today’s society, since its very first gathering in Atlanta.
For more information about Lyons and The Next Christians watch him speak on CNN, ABC, Fox News, Catalyst, Q, and with Christian leaders like Tim Keller.
Email if you would like to schedule a time to talk this Summer.

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