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Want to learn how to care for creation at your college campus? Check out the upcoming Symposium for Sustainability Coordinators.

The Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL) is an organization dedicated to helping individuals, institutions, and communities act on their creation care convictions. In pursuit of that vision, CEL is partnering with the Creation Care Studies program, Houghton College, and George Fox University to host a symposium for sustainability coordinators on Christians college campuses. To find out more visit the CEL website or sign up for their newsletter.

Symposium for Sustainability Coordinators
When: October 19-21
Where: Buffalo, New York
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Flourish had the chance to speak with Chris Elisara, executive director of the Creation Care Studies Program and co-founder of the Center for Environmental Leadership, about the upcoming symposium, what it means to be a sustainability coordinator, and what his hopes are for the symposium.


Flourish: What is a sustainability coordinator and why is the role important?

Chris Elisara: The mission all sustainability coordinators share is to make their campuses as ecologically sustainable as possible. In other words, their job is to implement the aspirations of their institution to care for their patch of creation. The main things sustainability coordinators focus on are energy and water-use issues, recycling and waste, food service, grounds and infrastructure, awareness, and educational campaigns.

F: What is the vision of the Center for Environmental Leadership?

CE: Years ago in Christian circles creation care was fringe and a bit suspect. Due to the steadfast work of organizations like Restoring Eden, Flourish, and many others, standing up for creation care’s biblical orthodoxy, it is becoming more normal and acceptable for Christians to hold creation care as a priority. What’s needed now isn’t more convincing to care for creation, but assistance on how best to do so. That’s where the Center for Environmental Leadership comes in. Our goal is to help individuals, institutions, and communities stop spinning their wheels and get them moving with sound environmental know-how in three core areas: sustainability, food, and the built environment. We’ll also continue to educate the next generation of Christian environmental leaders through Renewal and the Creation Care Study Program (CCSP).

F: What are your hopes for the symposium?

CE: Our first hope for the Sustainability Coordinator’s Symposium is to gather together at least 90% of Christian college coordinators. For three days we will discuss issues, concerns, and needs specific to our particular contexts and communities, share resources and stories, and develop a collegial community of working sustainability professionals on Christian college campuses. After the symposium CEL will continue what we have started by resourcing and supporting the individuals in these vital positions.


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