Weekly Re-Cap July 18-23

Christ vs. Consumerism: Choosing Contentment in a Commercialized World

“Our lives may be largely defined by what we keep and what we discard. Christ was abandoned on the cross, despised and rejected. Yet just because something is thrown away doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth saving.”

A Biblical Basis for Parks and Recreation

Why should we pay taxes to support parks and public spaces? Micheal Hickerson gives a few good reasons. What do you think?

From Destruction to Creation: One Photographer’s Journey


Photographer Scott Myers took pictures of decay and destruction before he became a Christian; now he photographs light, color, people, and creation. Learn about his incredible journey.

Greening Your Cleaning: Twenty Tips for Creation-Friendly Cleaning

Twenty ideas for how to clean your house green-style.

Quotable Creation Care: Peter Harris Says Creation Care Is About Celebration, Not Anxiety

Peter Harris says creation care is not just one more set of rules to keep you on the right side of God; it’s about celebration!


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