Theology Lessons in the Garden

Have you ever learned about God in a garden?

Kelly J. Hagan has grown up gardening. In “Garden Lessons” she reflects on some of the the things she has learned about God and the world he has made from a life with her hands in the soil.

Hagan writes:

In the garden I can catch my breath; I can hear myself think. Weeding may be a mundane task, but it gives me joy and focus, especially as a respite from my Twitter feed or iCal. … I am in awe of creation as I watch the plants grow and produce fruit. The garden shows me the beauty of God’s small creations and directs me to admire and praise him for the cultivating he does in my own life. It gives me a place in his design, as a steward and a caretaker. I turn from myself and turn to him and the beauty of his world. It is an act of worship.

The growth we see [in the garden] is an encouragement that God is faithful and that there is more fruit to come. Above all, gardening makes me long for the complete restoration at Christ’s coming. It humbles me to know that God desires to work through me, a broken, imperfect gardener with a lot left to learn.

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Questions for Discussion

  1. Hagan experiences the Lord in the garden. Do you have a certain place or activity in God’s creation that he has used to teach you about himself?
  2. After reading the rest of her piece, what do you think about her comment that “gardening also serves as a reminder of the Fall”? Do you see the reality of the Fall in creation?
  3. How did your garden do this season? Share your own “gardening lessons” with the Flourish community on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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