Weekly Re-Cap August 22-26

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

The rural poor are often vilified for cutting down trees. But their resort to deforestation is their last resort. Coupling innovative microlending methods with agroforestry training helps poor farmers develop sustainability on multiple levels.

Going Offline for Goodness’ Sake

Kristyn Komarnicki talks about the difficulties and blessings involved in “unplugging.”


This World Is My Home: A Theology of Place

Dr. Mark Eckel lays the foundation for a biblical understanding of the connection between people and the “ground”—the place in which we live.

Right at Home: Building Church Partnerships with Local Nature Preserves

Every step of stewardship helps strengthen and nurture the earth’s biodiversity by protecting and cultivating the abundance of created life, but a particularly helpful step that your church family can take locally is to develop a partnership with a local nature preserve.

Quotable Creation Care: Fritz Oehlschlaeger On “Living On What is Given”

Fritz Oehlschlaeger on gratitude in the life of grace.


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