Creation Care Links (9/20)


On the legacy of Pollution and the Death of Man¬†author Francis Schaeffer, “Everything but the Kickers: The Enduring Significance of Francis Schaeffer“: one of the offering on Margie’s Stuff, the new blog from Margie Haack, co-founder of Ransom Fellowship. Also check out Haack’s article on her experience raising honey bees at home.

Creature Care

What happens when animal welfare activism gets divorced from the gospel? From Christianity Today’s women’s blog, Her.Meneutics: “PETA Launches a Porn Site.”

“Animal compassion [is] part of our privileged role as custodians of the creatures in which God delights.” More on creature care from Christianity Today.


EPA adds a “Most Efficient” category to its Energy Star product rating system.¬† What the EPA is doing to promote energy efficiency in appliances and electronics.

Avatars, Tattoos, and Yoga” John Seel reviews the book by Matthew Lee Anderson¬†Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter To Our Faith. “More than ever, the evangelical church needs to return to a bawdy, earthy, dirt-under-the-fingernails form of the gospel, one that engages life as it is lived, one that is as incarnational in practice as it is in theory.”



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