Creation Care Links (9/6)

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The Outdoors

Locate a state park near you with this handy resource.
One idea from the Children and Nature Network: Read to your kids outside!

Creature Care

Want to learn how to identify those birds you hear on your hikes? This bird call database might help.
Not One Sparrow, an organization seeking to be a “Christian voice for animals,” begins its series on animal related children’s books.

Stewarding Resources 

“Practicing Water Awareness” by Geoff Maddock writing at Blessed Earth.
Tips for saving water.
The easiest way to conserve energy.
Ideas for how to reuse common household objects.



  1. Thanks very much for sharing the link to Not One Sparrow’s series on animal-themed children’s books, I appreciate you doing that. I also appreciated the article you shared from Karen Swallow Prior a few weeks back on learning to appreciate and care more for animals through literature in general. best wishes, Ben

  2. Thanks Ben! Keep up the good work.


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