Flourish Friend: A Rocha

A Rocha (Portuguese for “the Rock”) is an international Christian conservation organization working in 20 countries on six continents to care for God’s creation. Visit their website for more information on their projects or how to get involved.

A Rocha on Flourish

Read these articles on Flourish by A Rocha writers:

Beyond the “Green Commandments”

The redemption offered by Jesus Christ applies to Christian work in environmental action, where “green” legalism is still legalism, and where ecological restoration in local communities can be redemptive work.

Response to Wendell Berry’s “The Gift of Good Land”

Think “saving the earth” is overwhelming? You’re right. We live in neighborhoods and, Wendell Berry argues, must nurture those small parcels of earth before we can think any bigger.

Woe to the Label Makers

Nobody likes to be labeled. Get past the labels and make some surprising discoveries and unique partnerships in the world of environmental stewardship.

Questioning Technology

Tom Rowley, Executive Director of A Rocha USA, shares some answers he’s learned as he’s asked the question, “How do we use technology well?”

The Joyful Environmentalists: Andy Crouch Interviews Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris

Author Eugene Peterson and A Rocha founder Peter Harris talk with Andy Crouch about creation care and what makes them “joyful environmentalists.”






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