The New Look of Flourish Magazine

In order to better highlight Flourish’s terrific content, we’ve been working on a redesign this summer, and now we are happy to reveal our new look (and a few new features)!

Visit our homepage and browse through the new features:

  • Fall issue of Flourish Magazine—Read through the latest issue of Flourish Magazine for interviews, articles, poetry, featured churches, reviews, and more!
  • Creation Care 101—An information resource for all your creation care questions, whether you are a creation care veteran or just want an introduction. The full database is coming soon, but you can already find a few resources to get you started.
  • Resource Page—We’re working hard to categorize, sort, highlight, catalog, systematize our database of creation care resources to make sure you can easily find that perfect article your are looking for.
  • Get Involved—Do you want to know how you can support the work of Flourish and become a part of our community? Visit our Get Involved page and find out how.
  • Blog—As always, you can subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on everything from how to make sunday’s screen-free to how to conduct a church energy audit, how to live well in the suburbs, or how to grow your own garden. The Flourish blog covers it all.
  • Social Media—Did you know Flourish is also on Twitter and Facebook? We use our social media to point out articles worth reading, keep you abreast of happenings in the creation care world, and gather together an online creation care community. Visit our social media feeds and join the conversation!

Thank you, as always, for your contributions, encouragement, and friendship; Flourish could not exist without your support!


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