Is Life Too Fast? Try Making Some Yogurt.

Sometimes it is everything we can do to slow down. The speedy pace of life can feel like a fast-moving current that will pick us up and carry us with it if we are not careful. The consensus around us is not not one of rest and Sabbath-taking, but one … [Read more...]

The Eden Project: A Work of Ecological Redemption

At first glance the Eden Project in Cornwall England looks like it would be more comfortably be at home on Mars rather than the quiet English countryside, but it is entirely earthly. The Eden Project began in 2001 in an old clay pit that looked … [Read more...]

How To Fix a Food Desert

The term "food desert" conjures up images of barren wastes, but we should not think of them as far away places - they are all around us. Slate Labs put together this interactive map (right) of households in food deserts in the U. S. by county. A … [Read more...]

20 Questions To Help You Understand Your Place

[Ed. note: This article is part of our weekly series of church activities, called Cultivating Community, published on Thursdays.] I read a provocative quote the other day in Stephen Bouma-Prediger's book For the Beauty of the Earth: "Tell me … [Read more...]

Four Friends Start a Home-Grown Recycling Program and Inspire a Town

Whoever said one person can't make an impact for the good on the world never heard of Grace McWilliams and her three friends. Determined to clean up her town McWilliams rounded up a team of friends and started a free recycling pick up service for … [Read more...]

Caring for the Earth is Caring for the Poor

Scott Sabin, Executive Director of Plant With a Purpose, frequently gets asked the question: "How do Christians choose between caring for the poor and caring for creation?" The presupposition beneath the question is that you have to choose one or … [Read more...]

Where Did Dominion Go Wrong?

Sometimes it seems like everything shakes down out of the first three chapters of Genesis. In the book of Genesis the Bible presents the story of our first parents that is packed with meaning. In his essay, "What Happened to Dominion?" Dean Ohlman … [Read more...]

Wendell Berry: Think Little

Wendell Berry writes in his essay, Think Little, of the tendency for Americans, who have, according to him, lost their "private life" to think of change in increments of organizations, rather than actually changing the way they live their own … [Read more...]

The Ethics of Elfland

By Andy Patton [Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections, called Deep Down Things, published on Wednesdays.] When I attempt to grow plants I have the nasty habit of making my plants conform to my notions of beauty by … [Read more...]

Starting Today: EPA’s National Building Competition

Today marks the opening for entries into the EPA's second annual National Building Competition. Essentially, it is a contest between buildings (including churches) to see who can save the most energy. Competitors will "work off the waste" through … [Read more...]

Walt Whitman and Wonder

I found myself thinking recently about something Denis Haack said at a L’abri Conference: “If you are too busy for wonder, you are too busy.” I find it so easy to be practical in my daily life. I drive my car. I breath the air. I am … [Read more...]

Ann Cooper: Lunch Lady on a Mission

Chef Ann Cooper is trying to change the way kids eat school lunch. If your school cafeterias were anything like mine there wasn't a whole lot of difference between getting your food from the cafeteria and getting your food from a gas station. They … [Read more...]

Tri Robinson on Creation Care in a Church Setting

At Pastor and author, Tri Robinson, writes about his, and his church's, journey to towards caring for creation: "In all my years of ministry, I never saw this coming. Caring for the environment was a value I rediscovered through a series … [Read more...]

The God of Fertility

Recently I was staying at a friends house in the suburbs and it was a slow morning and it felt great outside so I went out on the porch and spent some time just staring. It is a new suburb, one that is built where the developers think the town will … [Read more...]