Lisa Graham McMinn: earth and us

Lisa Graham McMinn has a nice piece over at Her.meneutics, Christianity Today's blog for women, about Disneynature's movie, earth, and its reminder that while all of creation is interdependent on its parts for survival, we, as humans, don't give … [Read more...]

Book Release: Go Green, Save Green

Tyndale Publishing House has released a new book, Go Green, $ave Green, by Blessed Earth's program director Nancy Sleeth, just in time for Earth Day. The book answers a common question Sleeth and her family hear while touring the country to speak … [Read more...]

Serving Hands for a Fallen Creation

Earth Day, while a secular holiday, presents Christians with the opportunity to stop and consider God's creation--and our responsibility to care for it--in new ways. It also invites us to share the good news of God's love, delight, and redemption … [Read more...]

Glenn Lucke of Common Grounds interviews Flourish’s Rusty Pritchard

This interview with Flourish's co-founder and president, Rusty Pritchard, was conducted by Glenn Lucke and appears on Common Grounds Online. ---------------- GL: What is Flourish? RP: Flourish is a new collaborative ministry that helps … [Read more...]

ENERGY STAR for Congregations 2009 Awards

If your congregation has already made it a priority to integrate the principles of creation care into the building and management of its facilities, it may be eligible to win an ENERGY STARĀ® for Congregations 2009 Award. The 2009 ENERGY STAR … [Read more...]

Clean Clothes, Clear Conscience

Awkwardly stringing a clothesline between a maple tree, the corner of the garage, and the basketball hoop, this year I finally declared independence from the clothes dryer. In our summer's move from inner-city D.C. to the Chicago suburbs, visions of … [Read more...]

The Story of Stuff

Since its internet debut, over 3 million people have viewed "The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard," and I can now count myself among those who have not only seen it but have been changed by it. In fact, I am going to lay myself on the line and open … [Read more...]