The Joyful Environmentalists: Andy Crouch Interviews Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris

"Creation care is a hot topic among Christians, but it is nothing new for longtime friends Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris," writes author Andy Crouch in his Christianity Today interview with these two "joyful environmentalists." Eugene Peterson is … [Read more...]

The Connection Between Admiring Creation and Admiring God

The Apostle Paul connected the evidence of God with the witness of nature in the first chapter of the book of Romans when he wrote, "What may be known about God is plain to [humankind], because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation … [Read more...]

Tim Keller: Can Faith Be Green?

Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, asks the question, "Can faith be green?" Keller gives an overview of the history of the creation care dialogue as he works toward an answer to the question: What is the … [Read more...]

Where Did Dominion Go Wrong?

Sometimes it seems like everything shakes down out of the first three chapters of Genesis. In the book of Genesis the Bible presents the story of our first parents that is packed with meaning. In his essay, "What Happened to Dominion?" Dean Ohlman … [Read more...]

Four Nature Theologians

Dean Ohlman at Wonder of Creation features four prominent theologians of nature in four successive posts. In each Ohlman provides a short introduction and then excerpts a sample out of one of their major works. The posts are a good introduction and … [Read more...]

Creation Care: God is the Reason

There are lots of reasons to care for the Earth. Here are some. Here are some. Here are some others. But Tom Rowley, writing at A Rocha, says at the end of the day for Christians one reason should be primary: God. "For Christians, the primary … [Read more...]

Why Should Christians Care For the Earth?

By Andy Patton [Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections, called Deep Down Things, published on Wednesdays.] God sees the world as a good in its own right, not as our expendable playground. If that is true, then part … [Read more...]

On Respect for Plants

By Gregory L. Bock Flourish Magazine Fall 2009   In “The Silent Scream of the Asparagus: Get Ready for ‘Plant Rights,’” (The Weekly Standard, 5/12/2008), Wesley J. Smith ridicules the Swiss government for advocating the dignity of … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving as an argument for creation care

by Rusty Pritchard [Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections called "Deep Down Things" (named from the poem "God's Grandeur" by Christian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins).] Here at Flourish, we regularly claim that the real … [Read more...]

Weekly Reflection: That Beauty May Flourish

By Jim Jewell Last spring we planned a family trip to the Grand Canyon. I had been to the Canyon once before and had slept under the vivid starry skies of the northern Arizona high desert so I could see the rising sun begin lacing early ribbons of … [Read more...]

Flourish Interview: Margaret Feinberg, Part Two

Writer and speaker Margaret Feinberg calls creation care an "invitation to intentionality" within the Christian faith. Click the link below to hear more about this invitation (and to find out how she met that cute sheep!) in the second part of … [Read more...]

Flourish Interview: Margaret Feinberg, Part One

Margaret Feinberg is the author more than two dozen books and Bible studies, a regular speaker at national conferences like Catalyst and CreationFest, and one of Charisma Magazine's "30 Emerging voices" who will help lead the church in the next … [Read more...]

One month from today …

Renewal, a student-led creation care organization engaging Christian college students in environmental stewardship, will be holding its second annual Day of Prayer for God's Creation on October 21. With a conviction that prayer is central to the … [Read more...]

RE:FORM Conference coming up!

Immoral and corrupt leadership. Poor health and disease. Environmental decline. World hunger. Human injustice. Illiteracy. Spiritual confusion and deadness. So often these issues get treated separately from one another. We're concerned about human … [Read more...]