The Center for Environmental Leadership Comes to Buffalo

In "The Center for Environmental Leadership Comes to Buffalo” read author Drew Ward in the Fall 2011 issue of Flourish magazine write about a new organization breathing life into the creation care movement. Having come late to the party by … [Read more...]

The New Look of Flourish Magazine

In order to better highlight Flourish's terrific content, we've been working on a redesign this summer, and now we are happy to reveal our new look (and a few new features)! Visit our homepage and browse through the new features: Fall issue … [Read more...]

Announcing the National Association of Evangelicals Creation Care Video Contest

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) is holding a creation care video contest for high school and college students. The contest is open for students who want to put their creation care convictions into a creative video on any of the … [Read more...]

The 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest

The 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest is still accepting entries! Read the Official Guidelines for full details, but here are the basics: When: The contest is open for entries until August 20, 2011. What: The categories are 1. The Human … [Read more...]

Sign Up for the Upcoming Sustainability Coordinators Symposium

The Center for Environmental Leadership (CEL) is an organization dedicated to helping individuals, institutions, and communities act on their creation care convictions. In pursuit of that vision, CEL is partnering with the Creation Care Studies … [Read more...]

Find Out How You Can Skype With Gabe Lyons, Author of The Next Christians

Gabe Lyons, co-author of Unchristian and author of The Next Christians, is offering a unique opportunity to have a thirty-minute conversation over Skype with readers who would like to pursue a deeper conversation about the topics in his books. This … [Read more...]

A Day of Prayer for Creation

Sunset over water and mountains

Today is the National Day of Prayer for Creation, and Christians around the nation are joining together to pray for the flourishing of creation's health and beauty, the restoration of broken and degraded systems and relationships, and the wisdom to … [Read more...]

Earth Day and the Christian Life

by Kendra Langdon Juskus Ideally, Earth Day shouldn’t be any different from any other day. If we are stewarding the earth in obedience to God’s command, every one of our days will be filled with the recognition of his glory in the natural … [Read more...]

Urbana Conference Highlights Creation Care

Urbana is five days of inspiring speakers and extraordinary stories. It's 20,000 missions-minded brothers and sisters learning and talking and worshiping together. It's full of opportunities to discern vocations with thoughtful mentors. And this … [Read more...]

Weekly Church Activity: Giving thanks for all creation

Earth Day, April 22, has turned into a modern secular holiday, but it is often ignored by churches. However, Thanksgiving is a more natural time for Christians to give thanks and praise to God for his creation. We thank God not just for food, family, … [Read more...]


Many of us thank God each day for the creation he has provided to sustain, fortify, and delight his people. But tomorrow has been designated by Renewal, one of Flourish's partner organizations, as a special day of prayer. It's a day when, whether or … [Read more...]

Where have we been?

In Chicagoland, where I got to host Flourish president Rusty Pritchard, and where we filled our week with rich conversations, inspirational meetings, lessons in natural history (and enthusiasm) with first graders, some deep dish pizza, and some … [Read more...]

Weekend Events: Rusty Pritchard in the Northwest

Flourish co-founder, Rusty Pritchard, will be speaking in Oregon this weekend: If you're in Portland, join tomorrow's New Wine, New Wineskins conference, "Lifestyle Evangelism in the 21st Century: Building Bridges to Neighbors and Neighborhoods" … [Read more...]

One month from today …

Renewal, a student-led creation care organization engaging Christian college students in environmental stewardship, will be holding its second annual Day of Prayer for God's Creation on October 21. With a conviction that prayer is central to the … [Read more...]