Theology Lessons in the Garden

Kelly J. Hagan has grown up gardening. In "Garden Lessons" she reflects on some of the the things she has learned about God and the world he has made from a life with her hands in the soil. Hagan writes: In the garden I can catch my breath; I can … [Read more...]

A Backyard Garden of Grace: One Family’s Vegetable Maze Yields Spiritual Fruit

In 2008 Nancy Goodwin's husband Craig came home with a wild idea: to change their backyard into a vegetable prayer labyrinth. Not long after, when he showed up with a sod cutter intent on recreating the layout of the maze on the floor of Chartes … [Read more...]

How To Fix a Food Desert

The term "food desert" conjures up images of barren wastes, but we should not think of them as far away places - they are all around us. Slate Labs put together this interactive map (right) of households in food deserts in the U. S. by county. A … [Read more...]

The God of Fertility

Recently I was staying at a friends house in the suburbs and it was a slow morning and it felt great outside so I went out on the porch and spent some time just staring. It is a new suburb, one that is built where the developers think the town will … [Read more...]

Year End Creation Care Ideas from the Flourish Archives

By Andy Patton [Ed. note: This article is part of our weekly series of church activities, called┬áCultivating Community, published on Thursdays.] 2010 has come and (almost) gone so we here at Flourish are taking a retrospective look back into … [Read more...]

“Hope of Africa” risks drying up

By Fredric Gluck This year a drought has crippled Kenya, threatening the relatively stable country with large-scale famine and death. Here, Fredric Gluck, from Care of Creation, an environmental mission organization working in Kenya, explains the … [Read more...]

The slow, quiet creep of good change

I'm proud of Illinois. We haven't yet won the 2016 Olympics hosting bid (that announcement comes on Friday), and though we are home to the country's groundbreaking president, our politics have also provided plenty of fodder for the jokes of … [Read more...]

The Sleeth family on the 700 Club: Round two

A few weeks ago we let you know that the Christian Broadcasting Network aired an in-home interview of Matthew, Nancy, and Emma Sleeth (of the creation care ministry Blessed Earth) on its television show, the 700 Club. The Sleeths were able to speak … [Read more...]

A (rooftop) farm grows in Brooklyn

"To get people really excited about something, especially when there's so much bad news out there, I think is a really wonderful thing." So says Lisa Goode, of Goode Green, about a rooftop gardening project in Brooklyn. More than just a green … [Read more...]

Today’s Dose of Beauty

This article in the New York Times caught my eye--and my ear, and my nose, and my taste buds--for its lush descriptions of a garden's delectable abundance. Of course, we can debate the merit of the fruits and flowers found in this garden, as many of … [Read more...]

Grow More Food in Less Space

ESA ePistle reader Doug Lass wrote in about the square-foot gardening method last week in response to my "Plant with Purpose" post (reposted here on the Flourish Blog). The Pritchard family started square foot gardening about three years ago. We have … [Read more...]

Gardening with American Beauties

Gardening is about trial and error. For many years most of my trials ended in errors. I planted good plants in bad places, or bad plants in good places, or did everything wrong at once. Lately, we've had much more success, and we've been using fewer … [Read more...]