Two Poems for Spring by Debra Rienstra


by Debra Rienstra Flourish magazine, Spring 2010   Peonies Even to think of them makes her cry, she told me.  Her great-grandfather, a man of tenderness, grew them well and gave them away by the armful. Such gentle surfeit: silken … [Read more...]

What is an Environmental Missionary?


by Lowell Bliss Flourish magazine, Spring 2010 At first, the question remained the same, but my answer would change. People asked me, “Lowell, why are you a missionary?” Before I left for India in 1993, I’d tell them my conviction … [Read more...]

Book | The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky


Reviewed by Kendra Langdon Juskus Flourish magazine, Spring 2010   On the final night of a visit to India last summer, all five of my senses were treated to the sort of vibrant experience only India can offer, though the experience came in … [Read more...]

The Flourishing Church: Transforming a Church Yard, One Blade of Grass at a Time

by Scot F. Martin Flourish magazine, Spring 2010   “Anti-Christ Turf Monster!” That’s what we’ve dubbed our seven-plus acres of turf grass on the property of Trinity Covenant Church in Livonia, a suburb of Detroit.  (Full … [Read more...]

Sprouts: Items of interest springing up in the creation care community


Flourish magazine, Spring 2010 Five Questions For: Jonathan Merritt Jonathan Merritt’s first book, Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet, is the result of one man’s journey into deeper faith through the revelation of … [Read more...]

Book | Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer


Reviewed by Ben DeVries of Not One Sparrow Flourish Magazine, Spring 2010   What would make Jonathan Safran Foer, a talented and successful young novelist (Everything is Illuminated, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), decide to spend … [Read more...]

Sprouts: Items of interest springing up in the creation care community


Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   5 Questions For: Ben DeVries After completing a final master’s degree project on the Christian foundation for animal welfare at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ben DeVries was inspired to launch Not One … [Read more...]

Book | The Wild Marsh by Rick Bass


Reviewed by Cindy Crosby Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   I'm a sucker for the 12-month seasonal essay types of books, but when The Wild Marsh crossed my desk, I hesitated to dive in. I've tried reading environmental activist and author … [Read more...]

Gardening with God


by Christine Sine Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   Gardening is an important spiritual practice in my life. As part of our commitment to simplicity and sustainability, my husband and I grow as much of our own fruit and vegetables as … [Read more...]

Book | Farming as a Spiritual Discipline by Ragan Sutterfield


Reviewed by Christiana Peterson Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   Last week, I was listening to a scientist on public radio describe the mating calls of the amphibians she was studying. She said, only half-jokingly, that these frogs had been … [Read more...]

Under the Rubble: Haiti is Not “Done”

By Scott Sabin Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   The earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th was unimaginably devastating, killing as many as 200,000 people, utterly destroying Haiti’s fragile infrastructure, and demolishing some of its … [Read more...]

Poetry: “Requests”


[Ed. note: Our regular Friday Family Fun editor, Joanna Pritchard, is currently in Haiti, serving with the International Organization for Migration in its earthquake relief efforts. Please keep her and the community she is working with in your … [Read more...]

Toolshed: Organic Gardening 101


By Christine Sine Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   A good organic garden doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to transform and build up soil with compost and green manure crops. It might take even longer to work out which crops grow … [Read more...]

A Green Mama on Learning to Live Wisely and Well


By Tracey Bianchi Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010 Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well! - Psalm 90:12 MSG Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed. - Gandhi Craning my … [Read more...]