Famine to Feast: The Story of Anathoth Community Garden

by Fred Bahnson Flourish magazine, Summer 2010 The story of Anathoth Community Garden really begins with a murder. On a June afternoon in 2004, Bill King was closing up his shop on the corner of Mill Creek and Carr Store roads when someone … [Read more...]

The Edge of Enough: Digging Life Out of the Compost Bin

By Tom Montgomery-Fate   Flourish magazine, Summer 2010     Be content with what you have; Rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. - From the … [Read more...]

Two Poems

By John Leax Flourish magazine, Summer 2010 Here Here is the place of order made by daily labor. Against bright sky, the house, limned by spruce and larch, grown old in weathered caring, stands white. Beyond its shadow, the … [Read more...]

Film | Sweetgrass

Reviewed by Brian Watkins Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   Whether unashamedly biased or covertly slanted, American documentaries are generally so politically charged that we’ve become accustomed to asking, “How much of it was … [Read more...]

Film | Deep Down

Reviewed by Anna Jane Joyner Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   Steeped in Appalachian culture, Deep Down is a moving story about the struggles of two coalfield residents in eastern Kentucky. It encapsulates the complex struggle of … [Read more...]

Toolshed: Canning the Summer Garden’s Gems

By Christiana Peterson Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   Canning is a method of preserving food invented by a confectioner and brewer in 19th century France when the government offered money to anyone who could come up with a way to preserve … [Read more...]

Sprouts: Items of interest springing up in the creation care community

Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   Five Questions For: Tracey Bianchi Flourish managing editor Kendra Langdon Juskus first met Tracey Bianchi at a suburban diner on a hot summer’s day in 2008. Over mozzarella sticks and milkshakes they shared … [Read more...]

The Flourishing Church: Ecclesia Fights for Life on All Fronts

by Lindsey Howald Patton Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   When the harsh 2009 winter came through Texas, it wrecked a small community garden on Houston’s Frances Street. It left row after neat, cinderblock-lined row in a frozen, crippled … [Read more...]

The Global Dinner Table: How what we eat here affects lives everywhere

World population over time.

by Tim Schubert Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   As typical members of society in the United States, we think very little about the food we eat. We rarely consider the source of our food, who grew it and how it was grown, its nutritional … [Read more...]

Earth in Art

Jennifer Lynn Haas

Images and text by Jennifer Lynn Haas Flourish magazine, Summer 2010   Tree of Life (2008) Acrylic wash, water-soluble wax pastels, charcoal, conte on paper “Tree of Life” came to me rather quickly after much internal … [Read more...]