Why the Church Should Flourish

By Jim Jewell and Rusty Pritchard, co-founders, FLOURISH More and more, Christians are confronted with the challenges of environmental stewardship--taking care of God’s creation in a balanced, biblically informed way. True creation care must … [Read more...]

Flourish in the News

Chris Quinn at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a story today ("Pastor sees care of Earth as duty'") about the Merritts (James and Jonathan), telling the story of how each came to see creation care as part of the church's mission. … [Read more...]

The Story of Stuff


Since its internet debut, over 3 million people have viewed "The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard," and I can now count myself among those who have not only seen it but have been changed by it. In fact, I am going to lay myself on the line and open … [Read more...]