Your chance to make a Green Effect!

Tricia Elisara's husband, Chris, executive director of theĀ  Creation Care Studies Program, a study abroad semester for Christian college students, was browsing the internet one day when he stumbled upon a unique opportunity: The Green Effect, a … [Read more...]

Oversimplifying Simplicity?

"Modern life has given us useful, inventive solutions to our complex challenges, bettering life but distancing us from the ability to live simply and knowledgeably off the land." - Lisa Graham McMinn, from her book The Contented Soul Reading The … [Read more...]

Floresta: Purposeful Planting

Floresta is the coolest organization you've never heard of and their program Plant with Purpose may be the coolest creation care initiative around today. Through Plant with Purpose, Floresta works to reverse poverty and deforestation by planting … [Read more...]

This Generation’s Revolution

Several weeks ago, I participated in a Baptist church's panel discussion on the environment. The church has a congregation of about 200, and is being led by several young and energetic folks with some great ideas for community outreach and … [Read more...]

David Neff: Can We Separate Creation Care from Political Action?

David Neff, Editor in Chief at Christianity Today, highlights the unique nature of the upcoming Flourish 2009 Conference and probes the question, "Can We Separate Creation Care from Political Action?" in his post at the CT liveblog. He'll be headed … [Read more...]

New Discussion Guide available for Disneynature’s Earth

In cooperation with Disneynature, the new production arm of Disney, Flourish has produced a Discussion Guide for the soon-to-be-released film Earth. It has its own page for now--find it at … [Read more...]

The Heart of Creation Care

In cold weather, I find myself staying indoors more and getting somewhat philosophical. I find myself asking questions. Questions like, what were we made to do? … [Read more...]

Gardening with American Beauties

Gardening is about trial and error. For many years most of my trials ended in errors. I planted good plants in bad places, or bad plants in good places, or did everything wrong at once. Lately, we've had much more success, and we've been using fewer … [Read more...]