Three Films About Food

If you've ever wondered how much mercury the tuna you are eating has in it, why farmers have to buy new seed every year, why so many things in the grocery store have corn in them, what the buzz is behind the local food movement, or any other of a … [Read more...]

Flourish Book Review: Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson

Reviewed by Tracey Bianchi Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009 I had a conversation recently with two friends, both women serving the urban poor in Chicago, who shared different views on the impact of their work. One, exasperated, slapped her palm on … [Read more...]

Film | “Garbage Dreams”

Reviewed by Kelsey Jones-Casey Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009   In the twisted streets of the world’s largest garbage city, thousands of Coptic Christians recycle the refuse of wealthy Cairo- dwellers in order to survive. These … [Read more...]

Ecotourism guide: Creation care on the road

Have you ever vacationed on an idyllic Caribbean island and discovered that behind its beautiful beaches was a local population suffering from hunger, poverty, and disease? Or have you labored for a week of building churches and running VBS in a … [Read more...]

This Generation’s Revolution

Several weeks ago, I participated in a Baptist church's panel discussion on the environment. The church has a congregation of about 200, and is being led by several young and energetic folks with some great ideas for community outreach and … [Read more...]

Book Release: Go Green, Save Green

Tyndale Publishing House has released a new book, Go Green, $ave Green, by Blessed Earth's program director Nancy Sleeth, just in time for Earth Day. The book answers a common question Sleeth and her family hear while touring the country to speak … [Read more...]

Flourish’s Jonathan Merritt Reviews “Earth”

Over at Relevant magazine's website, Flourish's own Jonathan Merritt has a film review of the new Disneynature movie "Earth", opening tomorrow (on Earth Day) in theaters nationwide. He writes, in part: When the film opens, the audience is … [Read more...]

Grow More Food in Less Space

ESA ePistle reader Doug Lass wrote in about the square-foot gardening method last week in response to my "Plant with Purpose" post (reposted here on the Flourish Blog). The Pritchard family started square foot gardening about three years ago. We have … [Read more...]

New Discussion Guide available for Disneynature’s Earth

In cooperation with Disneynature, the new production arm of Disney, Flourish has produced a Discussion Guide for the soon-to-be-released film Earth. It has its own page for now--find it at … [Read more...]

The Story of Stuff

Since its internet debut, over 3 million people have viewed "The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard," and I can now count myself among those who have not only seen it but have been changed by it. In fact, I am going to lay myself on the line and open … [Read more...]