Floresta: Purposeful Planting


Floresta is the coolest organization you've never heard of and their program Plant with Purpose may be the coolest creation care initiative around today. Through Plant with Purpose, Floresta works to reverse poverty and deforestation by planting … [Read more...]

Flourish: The Connector for the Creation Care Movement?


This week, Cross Pointe Church hosted the first annual Flourish Conference. As a small part of the Flourish staff, I can tell you that the conference exceeded our expectations in many ways. First, our speaker list was amazing: Joel Hunter, Margaret … [Read more...]

Colson Reviews Go Green, $ave Green; Upsets Folks

Chuck Colson has never been one to mince words.  Political opponents found this to be true with the unregenerate White House “hatchet man,” and those seeking guidance in the Christian life have affirmed this during the 35 years since his … [Read more...]

This Generation’s Revolution

InterVarsity Press

Several weeks ago, I participated in a Baptist church's panel discussion on the environment. The church has a congregation of about 200, and is being led by several young and energetic folks with some great ideas for community outreach and … [Read more...]

Videophilia replacing love of nature

In the late 1900s researchers like E.O. Wilson and Stephen Kellert began using the term "biophilia" to describe the basic love of other living things that humans seem to exhibit--an affection that encompassed nature, other species, diversity. So … [Read more...]

Why the Church Should Flourish

By Jim Jewell and Rusty Pritchard, co-founders, FLOURISH More and more, Christians are confronted with the challenges of environmental stewardship--taking care of God’s creation in a balanced, biblically informed way. True creation care must … [Read more...]

Release: Surprising Cast of Christian Speakers at Flourish

CONFERENCE ON THE CHURCH AND THE ENVIRONMENT will emphasize biblical teaching, stewardship, and ministry integration; transcending divisive political issues ATLANTA, March 23, 2009 - A national gathering of church leaders will focus on the unique … [Read more...]

Flourish in the News

Chris Quinn at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a story today ("Pastor sees care of Earth as duty'") about the Merritts (James and Jonathan), telling the story of how each came to see creation care as part of the church's mission. … [Read more...]