Reviving Lives and Landscapes

FLOURISH is a collaborative ministry that helps churches care for creation in ways that honor God and help people. FLOURISH recognizes environmental stewardship as an expression of our love for God and a celebration of the bountiful world in which he has placed us.

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Creation Care

We work with local churches and partners to share ideas about how to integrate creation care with ministries of evangelism, compassion, missions, and community service. We help churches and ministries sort through the static of environmental information to find the stewardship actions that will build their work and multiply their witness. And we provide materials to help families raise kids in ways that are safe, healthy, rooted in God’s word, and aware of the natural world around them.

Thousands of churches in America are looking for teaching on the care for God’s creation that is biblically sound and that can fit into the programs and priorities of the local church.  To help address this need, we are focusing on three initial areas of ministry:

  • Providing resources such as Flourish magazine, Bible studies and group guides, and other how-to materials for churches and families.
  • Working with local churches and partner ministries to help mission teams, youth groups and other church groups to engage in U.S. and international projects that integrate creation care with ministries of evangelism, compassion, missions, and community service.
  • Helping churches to audit their use of energy and to analyze their impact on local environments, and to guide churches in their implementation of cost-saving and creation-sensitive energy stewardship projects.

Together with churches, families, and our partner ministries, we are building a Christian environmental stewardship movement that it is focused on both lives and landscapes, depoliticized, integrated with other ministries of the church, and meeting the challenges of rural, suburban, and urban environments.