Gardening with God

by Christine Sine Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   Gardening is an important spiritual practice in my life. As part of our commitment to simplicity and sustainability, my husband and I grow as much of our own fruit and vegetables as … [Read more...]

Toolshed: Organic Gardening 101

By Christine Sine Flourish Magazine, Winter 2010   A good organic garden doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to transform and build up soil with compost and green manure crops. It might take even longer to work out which crops grow … [Read more...]

Out of the Simplicity of Lent, Generosity of Life

[Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections, called Deep Down Things, published on Wednesdays.] This pre-Easter period of Lent is shaped by the comingling of contemplation, germination, and expectation in our lives and … [Read more...]