Weekly Church Activity: All the earth, let us sing!

A Call to Worship and Obedience

Worshiping God in weekly church services is, for many of us, the only time we express ourselves to God in song. In song we praise God’s faithfulness, thank him for his unconditional love, and recount the history of his communion with us. But … [Read more...]

Flourish Interview: Margaret Feinberg, Part Two


Writer and speaker Margaret Feinberg calls creation care an "invitation to intentionality" within the Christian faith. Click the link below to hear more about this invitation (and to find out how she met that cute sheep!) in the second part of … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: From “A Steward’s Prayer”

In honor of today being Renewal's Day of Prayer for God's Creation, here is a portion of Dr. John Silvius's fitting poem, "A Steward's Prayer," to be published in its entirety in Flourish magazine (releasing on Monday!). From A Steward's … [Read more...]



Many of us thank God each day for the creation he has provided to sustain, fortify, and delight his people. But tomorrow has been designated by Renewal, one of Flourish's partner organizations, as a special day of prayer. It's a day when, whether or … [Read more...]

Where have we been?

In Chicagoland, where I got to host Flourish president Rusty Pritchard, and where we filled our week with rich conversations, inspirational meetings, lessons in natural history (and enthusiasm) with first graders, some deep dish pizza, and some … [Read more...]

“Hope of Africa” risks drying up


By Fredric Gluck This year a drought has crippled Kenya, threatening the relatively stable country with large-scale famine and death. Here, Fredric Gluck, from Care of Creation, an environmental mission organization working in Kenya, explains the … [Read more...]

No panda-eating for Chuck Colson

Well, it's not quite that simple. But in his BreakPoint radio commentary last Friday, Chuck Colson did quote British naturalist and wildlife expert Chris Packham as saying, "I would eat the last panda if I could have all the money we have spent on … [Read more...]

A poem for the season


Last night a vigorous thunderstorm plundered this part of Illinois, and it left in its wake a crisp fall day. In honor of this seemingly final, abrupt change in seasons, I went searching for a poem for fall and found this one by Wendell Berry, "Wild … [Read more...]

The slow, quiet creep of good change


I'm proud of Illinois. We haven't yet won the 2016 Olympics hosting bid (that announcement comes on Friday), and though we are home to the country's groundbreaking president, our politics have also provided plenty of fodder for the jokes of … [Read more...]

Weekend Events: Rusty Pritchard in the Northwest


Flourish co-founder, Rusty Pritchard, will be speaking in Oregon this weekend: If you're in Portland, join tomorrow's New Wine, New Wineskins conference, "Lifestyle Evangelism in the 21st Century: Building Bridges to Neighbors and Neighborhoods" … [Read more...]

Video: Creation calls


Sometimes we get so consumed with working for creation's protection and renewal that we fail to let ourselves be amazed by it. The best remedy for that is to go outside and be absorbed into God's creation for a bit, but a close second is this video. … [Read more...]

One month from today …

Renewal, a student-led creation care organization engaging Christian college students in environmental stewardship, will be holding its second annual Day of Prayer for God's Creation on October 21. With a conviction that prayer is central to the … [Read more...]

Familiarity in the Foreign


I’ve just returned from spending two weeks in India, a place that was at the same time the most foreign and the most familiar country I’ve ever traveled. This odd tension in perspective applied to many Indian cultural artifacts, including the … [Read more...]

A Relevant question

Relevant Magazine, a source of arts and culture information and reflection from a Christian perspective, has an interesting "Question of the Day" posed on its website: "Your thoughts on creation care and global warming?" The conversation is getting … [Read more...]