Churches are this year’s ENERGY STARS

The First Baptist Church of Dallas will save $450,000 in utility costs this year due to its new approach to energy use. The First Baptist Church of Springdale and its Shiloh Christian School carefully monitored their energy usage and trained their … [Read more...]

RE:FORM Conference coming up!

Immoral and corrupt leadership. Poor health and disease. Environmental decline. World hunger. Human injustice. Illiteracy. Spiritual confusion and deadness. So often these issues get treated separately from one another. We're concerned about human … [Read more...]

A danger and a hope: part one

By Kendra Langdon Juskus At first blush, Derrick Jensen's recent Orion Magazine article, "Forget Shorter Showers," appears innocuous. But this article requires a careful read, for the spirit guiding it is a hopeless one; even dangerous. … [Read more...]

The Sleeth family on the 700 Club: Round two

A few weeks ago we let you know that the Christian Broadcasting Network aired an in-home interview of Matthew, Nancy, and Emma Sleeth (of the creation care ministry Blessed Earth) on its television show, the 700 Club. The Sleeths were able to speak … [Read more...]

A (rooftop) farm grows in Brooklyn

"To get people really excited about something, especially when there's so much bad news out there, I think is a really wonderful thing." So says Lisa Goode, of Goode Green, about a rooftop gardening project in Brooklyn. More than just a green … [Read more...]

A Green Effect winner!

A few weeks ago, we encouraged you to take part in the voting process for the Green Effect contest, sponsored by National Geographic Magazine and FritoLay's SunChips brand. Tricia Elisara, who is part of the Creation Care Study Program community, … [Read more...]

Beauty is NOT subjective


By Rusty Pritchard My friend and colleague Jim Jewell has an article in The Other Journal’s special issue on Aesthetics, in which he argues that creation care must be rooted in an appreciation of beauty. Environmental stewardship entails a good … [Read more...]

700 Club to Feature Blessed Earth


Blessed Earth, the creation care ministry of Matthew and Nancy Sleeth, will be featured in a four-part series of interviews on the 700 Club, the Pat Robertson-hosted television show on the Christian Broadcasting Network. The interviews start tomorrow … [Read more...]

Your chance to make a Green Effect!

Tricia Elisara's husband, Chris, executive director of the  Creation Care Studies Program, a study abroad semester for Christian college students, was browsing the internet one day when he stumbled upon a unique opportunity: The Green Effect, a … [Read more...]

Philip Yancey: Knowing a good God in his good world


What inspires us? What gives expression to who God is? What fills us with a recognition of the Spirit of God moving through the earth and stirring in our souls? Is it simply the songs we sing in worship services? The prayers we offer in our small … [Read more...]

Oversimplifying Simplicity?

"Modern life has given us useful, inventive solutions to our complex challenges, bettering life but distancing us from the ability to live simply and knowledgeably off the land." - Lisa Graham McMinn, from her book The Contented Soul Reading The … [Read more...]

New landscapes for pastor’s preaching

Rev. James Merritt

On the final day of last month's Flourish Conference, Rev. James Merritt, pastor of the conference's host Cross Pointe Church, and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, took a bold step in his ministry by preaching his first sermon on … [Read more...]

Getting Technology Right


"What WALL-E Got Right." That was the title of a talk Andy Crouch gave at the 2009 Flourish Conference, and if you've seen the charming, intelligent Pixar film about a robot who is much more than metal and electrical pathways, you undoubtedly … [Read more...]

Emerging from Flourish 2009

After a short sabbath from the good (but exhausting) activity of last week's Flourish Conference, we're ready to re-surface and take a look at what emerged from these three days of worship, conversation, and inspiration: … [Read more...]