Gifting Well

Photography by BJWOK

[Ed. note: this article is part of our series of weekly reflections called Cultivating Community, published on Thursdays] Many traditional Christmas gifts begin with good intentions and end up as a pile of plastic on their way to the landfill. But … [Read more...]

Cultivating Community: One Thing

Justly produced coffee packs a lot more than caffeine in its punch.

Watch the hot water swirl into your tea in a rich brown stain. Breathe its steam into your mouth, and feel a little more at peace. Wrap your fingers around the porcelain of your mug. Settle your eyes on the person across from you and really hear what … [Read more...]

We don’t give thanks alone

"...then your light will rise in the darkness..."

This poem by Anne Porter is a quiet, but exuberant, reminder that today we give thanks with all of creation for God's good gifts. Share it with the family you have around you at the Thanksgiving table, and with your church family who shares the gifts … [Read more...]

Cultivating Community: Curing the Black Friday Blues

Nov. 27: Buy Nothing Day

Thanksgiving has a relatively simple premise. It’s a holiday known for family time, rest, and warm, hearty (and largely local) food. It’s also refreshingly unmarketable. Although you can now send Thanksgiving cards and place giant inflatable … [Read more...]