Wild Geese in the City: An Encounter With Creation in the Middle of Detroit

Can God's beauty in creation  be revealed even in a "man-made city of steel and smog"? Rachel Starr Thomson, author of "Wild Geese in the City" writes of the yearly migration of geese through her home city of Detroit. The flocks flying overhead … [Read more...]

Featured Articles: Plants, Animals, and the Land

Creation care is a comprehensive calling. It means stewarding resources well, being hospitable, living well in your local community, and even sometimes telling your kids it is time to put down the video games and get outside. Perhaps most … [Read more...]

Is Caring for Animals a Valid Christian Concern?

Should Christians who are concerned about creation care also be concerned about creature care? Ben DeVries, founder of Not One Sparrow, an organization dedicated to being a "Christian voice for animals," thinks the answer is emphatically "Yes!" … [Read more...]

Can Learning About a Whale Be an Exercise in the Worship of God?

As our knowledge about creation increases so does our ability to see God's glory in it. The works of God's hands display his attributes. The sunrise and the rain speak of God's care for the just and the  unjust alike. The sparrow's food and the … [Read more...]

C. S. Lewis and the Right Relationship of Animals and Humans

In Perelandra, author and theologian C. S. Lewis tells the story of a traveler from earth who goes to an unfallen version of the planet Venus. Lewis' fictional Venus is populated with fearsome-looking creatures that the protagonist is at first afraid … [Read more...]