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Jerry Lawson

Five Questions For: Jerry Lawson Jerry Lawson (quoted in this issue’s Flourishing Church article) is a Christian serving in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal agency that ensures the protection of human health and … [Read more...]

Three Films About Food

If you've ever wondered how much mercury the tuna you are eating has in it, why farmers have to buy new seed every year, why so many things in the grocery store have corn in them, what the buzz is behind the local food movement, or any other of a … [Read more...]

Rethinking Your Drinking: The Story Behind Bottled Water

Bottled of water.

by Jonathan Merritt [Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections, called Deep Down Things, published on Wednesdays.] Annie Leonard is at it again. The woman who brought us "The Story of Stuff" has released a new … [Read more...]