Toolshed: How to Get Rid of Your Household Hazards

Blue container marked hazardous.

By Kendra Landon JuskusFlourish, Fall 2011 The dead batteries you just removed from that flashlight. The nail polish color you’re over. The old oil from your car’s engine. Those cans of paint with just a little bit left at the bottom.I know … [Read more...]

“Greenest College Student” Saves His Trash For A Year

In January 2010 Brennan Bird decided to reverse the paradigm of trash disposal, keeping his trash instead of throwing it away. His goal was to save (and live with) all of the trash he produced for a year. Having come to the end of the project, Bird … [Read more...]

Four Friends Start a Home-Grown Recycling Program and Inspire a Town

Whoever said one person can't make an impact for the good on the world never heard of Grace McWilliams and her three friends. Determined to clean up her town McWilliams rounded up a team of friends and started a free recycling pick up service for … [Read more...]

One Woman Turns Trash Into Art… and a Business

According to the EPA the average American produces about 4.4 pounds of trash a day, 29 pounds per week, 1,600 pounds a year. There are lots of ways  to reduce that number that we've talked about at Flourish before such as composting, recycling, … [Read more...]

What Goes Around Comes Around: The Other Half of the Recycling Equation

Shredded paper.

[Ed. note: This article is part of our weekly series of church activities, called Cultivating Community, published on Thursdays.] Psst. Here’s a secret: Recycling paper is worthless if we don’t use recycled paper. … [Read more...]

Cultivating Community: One Thing

Watch the hot water swirl into your tea in a rich brown stain. Breathe its steam into your mouth, and feel a little more at peace. Wrap your fingers around the porcelain of your mug. Settle your eyes on the person across from you and really hear what … [Read more...]

Analog to Digital: Making the Switch Responsibly

With the upcoming national switch from analog to digital television (June 12!), waste facilities around the country are expecting an unprecedented dumping of old TVs at their door, as folks jump for sets with digital tuners. Many of these facilities … [Read more...]